His Life Changed Forever After Texting A Number He Saw In A Toilet Stall

His Life Changed Forever After Texting A Number He Saw In A Toilet Stall

Love really can strike anywhere, and especially when we’re least expecting it. That’s what happened in this surprising story, which took place in a pub in England.

By going into the pub toilets in the town of Garforth in the UK, Mark Ellis, a 51-year-old lorry driver, did not suspect that fate had a surprise in store for him.

When he went into a corner, he glimpsed an inscription scrawled on the wall, left by an individual somewhat angry with his girlfriend at the time. “If you want good sex, call Donna,” said the message, accompanied by the phone number of the young woman in question.

Amused, Mark Ellis decided nevertheless to take the number and a little while later contact this mysterious “Donna” by texting her.

Confused, to begin with, Donna nevertheless started a conversation with him and they ended up meeting. And then, the magic happened. It was love at first sight for these two, who haven’t been apart since. “I often say that he texted me by mistake,” laughed Donna. “I have to thank my ex, he did me a favour,” she explained to the newspaper The Sun.

“We’re still laughing at this story,” explained Mark who, along with his wife, waited 10 years before confessing this incredible story to their family.

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Check out the video above to see the couple explain the story in detail!

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