Eating Dark Chocolate Could Have This Surprising Benefit

Dark chocolate is one of many foods which could help spice up your love life. We've compiled a list of the best aphrodisiacs out there to help you turn things up a notch in the bedroom - and some of them are quite surprising...

Sometimes, calm gets the better of the storm in the bedroom. In order to avoid getting into a rut, it's important to keep things fresh. This is where aphrodisiacs come in. Myths for some, a true magic potion for others, aphrodisiacs are foods that have physical benefits for your libido. That means you can nibble on two or three little things and then benefit from side effects that make you appear more desirable. We've selected 10 products that will be of great help for a passionate, intimate evening.

- Ginger: an aphrodisiac food par excellence, ginger remains a safe bet. Like garlic or onions, it is a strong antioxidant and therefore will give you good skin tone. Its vasolidator virtues facilitate the flow of blood. It's not hard to understand that both physical sexes will be delighted to have this extra little boost of blood. Its smell is also another argument for rekindling the spark. Finally, the gingerol contained in ginger helps fight against migraines. So, no more excuses not to slip under the covers.

- Avocado: the Aztecs called the avocado tree, "the testicle tree". For a time, the Spanish Catholic priests even banned the sale of this product that they considered obscene. That's to say this fruit (and yes, it's a fruit) is sexually connoted. But beyond its evocative form, its high vitamin B5 content helps the human body maximize the nutritional benefits of the foods we eat. Clearly, they sublimate what we eat to better turn it into the form of energy. Avocados are also an excellent neurotransmitter, which increases our sensory abilities.

- Dark chocolate: well known, the beneficial virtues of chocolate (when it is consumed with moderation) are numerous. Among them is the presence of dopamine. This neurotransmitter enhances the effect of pleasure and euphoria. It is the basis of the famous adrenaline, a hormone that increases blood pressure and acts as a powerful vasodilator. There follows a certain form of excitement that can go as far as euphoria. Cocoa also gives us a good share of tryptophan, an amino acid, which can serve as a relaxant. Excitement and relaxation, a duet that sums up a carnal night well.

- Ginseng: a product of love, ginseng is a bit like the EPO of a serial lover. This perennial herb stimulates the nervous system, and gives a real physical boost. For some, there is even an intellectual improvement. The brain can be more stimulated thanks to its vasomotor effect; one can therefore explain a renewal of form and a greater lucidity. It can also be found in the recipes for many energy drinks.

- Garlic: OK, it doesn't really seem sexy at all because of the smell, etc., but garlic can be a great ally for a hot night. Garlic is excellent for health thanks to its antioxidant characteristics that give a lot of strength and tone. This plant also produces allicin, a compound that increases blood pressure - very valuable for gentlemen who want to set the bar high.

- Celery: "If woman knew what celery does to a man, she would travel to Paris from Rome," said Madame de Pompadour, a very close of Louis XV in the mid-eighteenth century. So, with a good amount of this vegetable, a trick is played to warm the atmosphere. Celery stems, in particular, are reputed to help the production cycle of testosterone (the male hormone) and to facilitate that of androsterone, found in sweat. And don't forget that smells also play a role in the excitement of the opposite sex...

- Oysters: often associated with meals at end-of-year holidays, these mollusks are also very effective when it comes to opportune moments in the bedroom. Oysters are very rich in zinc, a trace mineral that helps sperm production and increases libido.

- Honey: sweet and sticky, honey is not only good for spreading on your partner for gourmet erotic games. It also allows the human body to ingest boron, which allows a large production of estrogen (the female hormone), and is rich in vitamin B. It can also help the production of testosterone (the male hormone) and would therefore help both partners reach orgasm.

- Asparagus: beyond its appearance as a phallic strand, asparagus has nutritional qualities that will perfectly nourish your sexual ambitions. Rich in vitamin K, asparagus facilitates blood clotting and, therefore, grants this request to organs that specially ask for it. That means the genitals, such as the penis or vagina, have increased blood flow, which is not bad sign when it comes to the act. Vitamin B9 (also known as folic acid), which is also very present, favours the production of histamines, which in particular cause relaxation of the uterus, and therefore play a role during orgasm.

- Spices (mustard, saffron, coriander, cloves): the expression "spice up your life as a couple" has never been more true. Be aware that many spices can help lift your bland nights a little higher. Mustard won't bug your nose; on the contrary, it will tickle the sex glands. Chilli will give you a hot tingling thanks to its vasodilator powers, and will ensure better blood circulation (cloves also have the same effect). Coriander is rich in phytoestrogens that will excite the fairer sex.

The incredible health benefits of eating dark chocolate The incredible health benefits of eating dark chocolate