Drinking with your partner could have this effect on your relationship

A recent study has come to some interesting conclusions regarding the impact drinking a moderate amount of alcohol as a couple has on romantic relationships.

The secret to maintaining a healthy relationship is one that has eluded us for quite some time. However, a study conducted examining marital quality may have found the answer: alcohol. Bear with us on this one.

According to a study published in Journals Of Gerontology Series B: Psychological Series, couples who enjoy a drink or two together are happier than those that don’t. In fact, those couples who like to enjoy a drink together are more likely to stick together as time goes on.

The samples taken for the study

The results were obtained after surveying 2767 married couples averaging in their early thirties. Two-thirds of these couples were on their first marriage.

The survey was comprised of questions examining the frequency and degree of alcohol consumption, as well as feelings regarding the other member of the relationship.

More booze, better relationship!

In the end, the results showed that those who drink together a few times a week enjoy a more happy and lengthy relationship than those that don’t. Furthermore, problems are more likely to arise should only one member of the couple abstain from drinking, especially the man.

So if you’re looking to improve your relationship with your sweetheart, maybe pick up a bottle of something to share on the way home tonight.

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