Does body count really matter?

Does it make sense to ask your partner how many people they have slept with? Does this make or break relationships?

For someone who does not see sex as a big deal, sleeping with multiple sex partners can actually be quite thrilling. The numbers don’t count, only the minutes between the chase, build up and the final climax. The anticipation of the next sexcapade is palpable, you literally can’t wait to get a taste of your next conquest's skin at the next chance you get.

These kind of people see sex as easy as ABC, but for others the story is quite different, especially when they attach a lot of emotional meaning to sex. For these people, you often can't avoid the dreaded question: what's your body count?

What is body count?

This term ‘body count’ refers to the number of times one has had penetrative intercourse. So every other sexual act like fingering, necking, fellatio or cunnilingus do not fall under this category in this context, you must have been penetrated by either a male or female. Each penetration is thus recorded as ‘a session’ or ‘count.’

Why the fuss about it?

Most guys or women who worry about this are those who want to take things to the next level. They see their potential sex mate as their soul-mate, so they inquire about their past relationships and flings. They want to know in detail what happened between you and your exes.

For them, having this information may be the key to building trust, for others they want to be sure that their sexual partner has had enough experience to wow their imagination. The higher the number of sexcapades, the more likely they know what they are doing in bed.

Whatever the reason might be for asking, trying to know someone’s body count is actually unnecessary. It doesn’t not matter how many people you have slept with in the past, every new person is a new experience. Just like you would not want to be treated like an ex, you're just looking for that wholesome experience with every new person, no matter how short or long the relationship lasts.

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