Different heart emoji colors and what do they mean?

Have you ever sent the wrong color heart to the wrong person that changed the entire meaning of your message? Don’t worry, we got you covered now!

Different heart emoji colors and what do they mean?
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Do heart color emojis have meaning to you? It might not mean much to you, but the color of the heart you send is actually quite essential and can change the essence of your message. Well, duh, that is why they are in different colors. Had all of them mean the same thing, wouldn’t the emoji decision board (yes, there is one!) just kept one color and discarded the rest of them.

As more and more emojis appear every day, they have become a vital part of our lives now. We even celebrate World Emoji Day on July 17 every year. Considering they are such an integral part of our lives, it is crucial to know the meaning of each colored heart emoji.

Red Heart Emoji

Classic red heart emoji is the ultimate love emoji. When you send someone this message, you are basically telling them you love them dearly. It is a symbol of true friendship, unconditional love, good feelings, and passion. The most ideal emoji to say you love them.

Orange Heart Emoji

It means friendship and care. It is a warm color emoji but not as vibrant as red and thus can be sent to friends and acquaintances. When you send this emoji, you are telling people that you like them deeply, however, it is not a loving feeling yet.

Yellow Heart Emoji

This is the ultimate friendship emoji. It is used to show appreciation for the friendship you have with someone and think very highly of the person. This heart exhibits that this person’s friendship brings you a lot of joy. Since it is the closest color to gold, it also suggests that you consider the person to have a heart of gold.

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Green Heart Emoji

Green is the color of nature, renewal, and harmony but, it could also mean greed and jealousy. It is often also a symbol of vegetarianism and popular Irish holidays. When sent in anger, it also means that you are being possessive for the person and jealous.

Blue Heart Emoji

This heart emoji showcases trust and confidence. If a person sends you this, that means they believe in you. Being the color of sea and ice, it also has calming and wise vibrations. You can send this color emoji to encourage your friends or colleagues to motivate them or encourage them during a difficult phase of their life.

Purple Heart Emoji

It is the meaning of love and luxury. It displays glamour, extravagance, and magic. It is pretty popular on Instagram while showing off expensive products, activities, and outfits. While sending it to someone, it shows physical attraction.

Brown Heart Emoji

As surprising as it may seem, the brown emoji signifies strength, sweet love, and a relationship that can stand the test of time. Often used next to chocolate emojis, it is a comforting color heart for the soul. You can use this heart emoji with people that may freak out with red hearts or love emojis.

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Black Heart Emoji

Evidently, it is the emoji for sorrow or dark humor, but it also stands for elegance, mystery, and rebellion. You can send this emoji when you laugh at inappropriate things and while sharing bad news on social media.

White Heart Emoji

The purest form of love emoji was basically created to complete the colorful heart emoji set.