Dating: What Your Type Says About You

Dear straight ladies: please take a moment to learn what your typical go-to man, your type says about who you are as a person and your overall dating style.

Let’s face it: the type of guy you date says a lot about who you are! You can always tell what kind of person someone is by checking out their friend group, as well as who they’re dating.

It’s definitely much easier to let someone’s friend group create a picture of who that person is, but knowing what type of man they tend to migrate to reveals much, much more about someone’s personality. That’s right. Your dating type can unveil deep-seated issues and beliefs to observers and those around you. So what does your dating type say about you? Let’s get into it.

We’ll go over a few male personalities, so you have a chance to figure out where you fit in.

Number one: the guy who never uses social media. Are you someone who tends to fall for this type? If so, you’re someone who wants to be a better version of yourself. You’ve tried out veganism, and you practice mindfulness. You want to go off social media, but you find it hard to skip the scroll. But maybe this type of man will inspire you to do so!

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Does that sound like you? If not, perhaps male-type number two will suit your style a little better. Are you ready for it?

Number two: the man who is super hot, but not that intelligent. Sound like your type? If so, you’re likely someone who is actually quite smart, but you can’t help but fall for a hot, but dumb other half. Perhaps, his looks paired with your intelligence, makes you guys the complete package?

Do you tend to fall for different types of men than the two discussed above? If yes, feel free to check out our video for more male personalities!

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