Astrology: The best sentimental advice to give to each zodiac sign

Whether you're single or you've been married for 25 years, here's the best emotional advice you can give you based on zodiac signs.

Aries: hold your horses!

Aries love to argue. This nasty habit causes a lot of grief. Learn to be more flexible in your relationships. Arguments can be good for strengthening the couple, but only long as they are kept rare and mild!

Taurus: give the other person some room to breathe

Taurus are romantic, which is good, but can sometimes be suffocating. You don't need to be constantly breathing down your partner's neck to prove your love. Sometimes letting the other person come to you first can feel good, too.

Gemini: exercise your mind

Gemini needs to talk, but talking about everything and anything can bore even the Gemini themselves. You like to communicate with your partner, and to know everything about them, and yes, that's good. But be careful that this does not cause you to drift apart. Do keep some things to yourself, so you can discover more and more overtime, and keep some surprises in your life together.

Cancer: trust issues

Cancer tends to be suspicious and withdrawn for fear of undue anguish. Life is a risky place, and the game of love even more so! And without risk, there is no love. So if you want to love fully, don't hesitate to give it your all without looking back.

Leo: make some room in the spotlight

Leo naturally attracts all the attention, so every now and then, try to bring your partner on the stage with you. They can sometimes feel underestimated by being around you. And it's your attention and consideration that they need to feel up to the task.

Virgo: accept your significant other as they are

Virgos are perfectionists and find it hard to accept someone else's little faults and foibles! You expect a lot from yourself, so naturally, you tend to expect a lot from others too. But don't forget: perfection simply doesn't exist! So do try to be less demanding, that should help you sort out a lot of your problems in love and life!

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