5 Signs That Your Friend Doesn't Actually Want What's Best For You...

5 Signs That Your Friend Doesn't Actually Want What's Best For You...

Friends are a daily source of joy but unfortunately, in friendship as in love, the feeling isn't always mutual! Some people are toxic and you're better off leaving... Do you have doubts about one of your friends? Then discover 5 clear signs that this friend does not want what's best for you in our video!

Have you ever felt like a person was not really invested in your friendship? Or at least not as much as you were? Have they ever betrayed or lied to you? Careful! Some friends are not what they claim to be... They're more interested in the services you can offer them... Don't waste your time in this one-sided relationship or you will be horribly disappointed but beware, these fake friends may be hiding behind a mask of thoughtfulness and big words.

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Unmasking them is not easy, so we want to share their best-kept secrets with you. Beware of these crooks, who know how to use their talent for manipulation to achieve their goals! So, how do you identify a person who does not want what's best for you? How do you identify an unhealthy, or even toxic friendship? What are the behaviors of someone who claims to be your friend, but who actually does not act as such?

Check out the video above for the 5 signs that clearly show that this person is not really your friend... Get ready to clean up your contacts! 

• Ruby Smith
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