5 Reasons Going Out With Your Best Friend Is The Best Idea You'll Ever Have

5 Reasons Going Out With Your Best Friend Is The Best Idea You'll Ever Have

You like your best friend, so why are you trying to fight against this growing feeling? What if dating your best friend was a good idea after all? Watch our video for 5 reasons to build a romantic relationship with your lifelong friend.

Even if you’ve been told all your life that male-female friendships don’t exist, you were fighting to prove that a platonic relationship could exist. And after years of secrets, you start to feel a certain physical attraction towards your best friend. They know everything about you: your anxieties, your desires, your greatest embarrassments…

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Your best friend can read you like an open book and knows what you’re feeling at every moment. It’s exactly this deep understanding of one another that could be the key for a lasting, solid romantic relationship. Even if you know that your best friend would be the ideal man, you are terrified that your relationship won’t work and you’ll then lose your best friend as a result.

So you prefer to find a man who has exactly the same qualities as your best friend, rather than fall in love with him and take the risk of losing him. However, if you put all those fears to the back of your mind, you will realise that going out with your best friend is not such a crazy idea after all! What are these great reasons for going out with your best friend? 

Check out the video above for more details... 

• Jessie Morgan
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