3 signs your relationship is over, according to experts

Every relationship goes through ups and downs, but if the downs are elongated more than ups your relationship might be over. Experts share tips for you to know when it’s over.

You know that feeling when you're either trying to figure out if the relationship is still redeemable or just holding onto nothing? Yeah, that’s not a great place to be emotionally. You feel as though you've lost touch, or that a traumatic occurrence has harmed your trust.

So, how can you know when a relationship is finished? Here are three signs from experts to know whether it’s over or not.

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No conversation without a conflict

If every interaction with your partner leads to a conflict, it might be time to let go of the relationship. Forensic and clinical psychologist Dr Justin D’Arienzo stated in a TikTok video, if every conversation, even the innocuous ones, lead to a fight it’s not a good sign. You should be aware of you and your partner are constantly at odds. In a relationship, disagreements are inevitable, but not every time you speak.

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Physical intimacy is long gone

Counsellor Suzanne Degges-White argued in a blog on Psychology Post, that sexual ups and downs are expected in all relationships. And the honeymoon phase doesn’t last forever but cringing at the thought of your partner touching you is far gone.

When the initial passion wears out, what is left is intimate friendship and connection. It's also common to fantasise about other people. But if you do it all the time and get a rash when you think of your partner, that's a negative indicator. She confirmed:

While sex is never the glue that keeps a relationship a long-term success, if you can no longer take any pleasure in even a memory of sexual satisfaction with your partner or feel a hint of desire to be with your partner in an intimate manner, something is definitely amiss.
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There is no emotional connection

It's difficult to judge if a relationship is worth saving when the flames have faded. You are no longer vulnerable and open with your lover, which is one of the most significant signals your relationship is ending. Both parties must feel comfortable sharing their thoughts and opinions with one another for a good, healthy relationship to exist. Degges-White adds:

We 'hide' deeper feelings (from ourselves and from others)…When we find ourselves behaving in ways that aren’t typical, we might need to do a little soul-searching to get a clearer picture of where our attitude is coming from.
4 tell-tale signs you're in a toxic relationship, according to a breakup coach 4 tell-tale signs you're in a toxic relationship, according to a breakup coach