20 questions you should ask on your first date

When you start to like someone, it is always crucial to know if it is just attraction or something more. These questions can help you figure out your feelings.

There are two types of first dates: awkward ones and ones where time flies before you know it. The only difference between the two is asking the right questions. A significant part of your potential future relationship depends on your first impression. Here are a set of questions that you can ask your date.

Why did you choose this place?

If they picked the meeting place, this gives you an insight into what kind of places to do they frequently visit.

What kind of movies/music are you into?

This is a make-or-break question for most people. However, it is important to keep an open mind even if your tastes do not match.

Do you like your job?

This would give you an insight into their passion, values and priorities. If they are likely to be in a dead-end job for money, they may value it more than everything in life.

Do you have any pets?

This simple question really gives you an idea about how your date feels about making commitments.

Where did you grow up?

This will give you a brief look at their upbringing and family situation.

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What do you think of social media?

If they are addicted to social media, it might not be very healthy for the future of your relationship. You do not want someone who publicises everything about your personal life.

What’s your idea of fun?

This will really help you analyse if you two can have fun together or things would end up being boring after a point.

What dating apps do you use?

The kind of apps they use will give you insight into what they might be looking for when it comes to their love life.

What is the top thing on your bucket list?

Hearing their future goals will give you a good idea about how compatible you two are.

Where was your last vacation?

This simple question will tell you if your ideas of leisure and fun match.

How do you like surprises?

Knowing how a person reacts to surprises may tell you if they are a control freak or let things flow how they are.

What is the best present you have ever received?

This would give you an idea about how to show affection towards them.

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What does your typical day look like?

If their regular day only includes work and work, they may be a bit boring.

Do you read any books?

Bringing up books in conversation is always a great way to know their personality.

What were you like as a kid?

Most adults still remain a kid at heart even when they grow up and, this would guide you to know them better.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Having similar pet peeves might make you a match made in heaven or otherwise, depending on you totally.

What is your topmost priority in life right now?

The question lets you to if they take their dates seriously or not

What does your ideal weekend look like?

No one wants a lazy lad who does not like to do anything during the weekend except sleep all the time.

Do you have regrets?

This would let your person open up about things they are possibly guilty about.

What is the worst date you've ever been on?

And if nothing works, you can always get to know what they do not like instead of what they desire.

These are the seven questions you should ask on a first date, expert reveals These are the seven questions you should ask on a first date, expert reveals