In the Buff: Lady Di Was Once Caught Naked by a Group of Workers

Lady Di sure had a knack for surprising people! The proof is in this new revelation made by British author Tom Quinn.

In the Buff: Lady Di Was Once Caught Naked by a Group of Workers
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The Princess of Wales has always been considered a rebel, and some of her actions displeased the Queen back in the day.

According to the book Kensington Palace: An Intimate Memoir From Queen Mary To Meghan Markle published by author Tom Quinn, Lady Di ‘loved’ living in Kensington Palace so much so that she would often walk around naked!

A surprising habit

Apparently, Lady Diana loved to walk around naked in the palace garden as soon as the sun would come out. The book's author revealed:

Throughout the summers of the late 1980s and early 1990s, she would sunbathe, often completely naked, on her rooftop. Occasionally drowsy from the heat, she would forget where she was and stand up, secure in the knowledge that no one could see her.

A mishap with a group of workers

While she would regularly wander around without any clothes on, one day, some workers in Kensington Palace’s gardens found themselves in front of a totally naked Lady Di. Quinn states in the book:

Before she had time to get dressed, these gentlemen had the reflex to make a deep curtsy before turning away: they were gentlemen.

The author added that most family members used to walk around naked, and sometimes forgot that the staff were present. According to a former employee of the royal family:

You couldn't hide anything from anyone, the staff saw half-naked people running around all the time.

After all, this just proves that Lady Diana felt very comfortable at Kensington Palace!