What Is A Pregnancy Bola Necklace?
What Is A Pregnancy Bola Necklace?

What Is A Pregnancy Bola Necklace?

Have you heard of the bola - a special necklace to be worn during pregnancy? Ohmymag explains all.

What Is The Bola Necklace?

1. Origins of the pregnancy bola: The pregnancy bola is native to South America and was imported to Indonesia by the Spanish colonization of the island. The name 'bola' comes from the spherical shape (ball) of the jewel. In addition to its beauty that highlights the rounded belly of the future mother, the pregnancy bola probably had magic virtues because it was the shamans who made them and offered them to pregnant women to protect the mother and the fetus.

2. What does it do: The pregnancy bola consists of a metal ball, usually in gold or silver, which contains small grains. When it moves, the grains make a sound of little bells that have a soothing power on the fetus. Bathed in the amniotic fluid, it is rocked by the steady sound of the jewel on the belly of his mother.

After the birth, the mother can continue to wear the bola, baby will remember the well-being they felt in the womb on hearing this familiar sound, especially during breastfeeding. As the baby grows up, it's up to you to sew the bola to their blanket or any other fabric around them. The child can then take refuge in their memories and rock with the soft sounds of the jewel. Whether you are convinced by its magic properties or just want a special pregnancy accessory, the bola is for you!

3. Which pregnancy bola to choose: Traditionally, the pregnancy bola is given to the expectant mother as a gift. But there's nothing stopping you from getting one yourself, which will suit you perfectly! The price varies according to the material of the jewel and the work of the jeweller.

Choose precious metals to avoid allergies or other skin reactions, especially if you want to pass the bola on to your child. In the same way, go for a smooth design so that baby cannot hurt themself on contact. You can find pregnancy bolas on the Internet but also in some jewellery or baby stores.

Make sure that the length of the chain is right for you and that the jewel can roll on your belly when you move. Do not hesitate to tinkle to hear the different sounds that each bola makes, only you know the sound that you prefer and that will soothe you as much as baby!

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