The Revolutionary Method To Find Out If You Are Pregnant Using Toothpaste

Watch our video to find out how you can take a pregnancy test by just using toothpaste. It's a fun and affordable method that you can try from the comfort of your own home. There are several doubts about whether this method is truly reliable and effective but it's worth a try.

How To Take A Pregnancy Test With Toothpaste

Please keep in mind that this pregnancy test method has not been scientifically proven, therefore, if you think you are pregnant then you should always consult your doctor.


1. White toothpaste

2. Plastic cup

3. Urine sample


1. Squeeze some toothpaste into the plastic cup

2. Mix urine into the cup

3. Let the cup sit for several minutes

The mixture may start to fizz a little but this is due to the acid in the urine reacting with the calcium carbonate in the toothpaste.


1. If the paste turns bluish in color then you are pregnant

2. If it remains unchanged then you are not pregnant

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