After Having Three Babies, This Mum Has An Incredible Message For Other Women

‘Flaunt that body with pride’ shouts this mother to the whole world while showing off her figure that displays signs of her three previous pregnancies. Take a look at the video above to see her powerful message for yourself!

Far from being your standard fashion or beauty icon, she showed off her ‘stretch marks’, ‘flabby belly’ and her ‘saggy bellybutton’ because she knows that they are proof of how lucky she has been to have been able to give birth and get back into shape afterwards.

This young mother posted her lovely message on Facebook in 2015 and it inspired more than one. The message was accompanied by a photo of herself, on the beach in a bikini: ‘Flaunt that body with pride!’

This mother got the idea for this post well before the bodypositive wave that recently surged, and which has been a good thing for all women.

The young woman’s message quickly spread online, and it received more than 350,000 likes and thousands of messages of support.

Lots of mothers say it. Yes, their skin might not be as firm as it used to be, but the happiness that they gave birth to is more important than anything else and that’s exactly what this young woman wanted to say with her post.

Postpartum marks are a part of life and you shouldn’t be ashamed of them. This lovely, positive message joins the message from the #EtAlors campaign, a French beauty campaign started by Oh My Mag and Femme Actuelle to help women feel better about themselves in their day to day lives.

For this campaign, 8 influencers got involved, slipped on a swimsuit and talked in front of the camera about things they struggle with about themselves, to help break these barriers down.

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