Your Cat May Not Love You As Much as You Think… Here’s Why

Cats may be cute creatures, but when you look at them closely, you cannot help but think that they are trying to kill us.

Cat lovers, this video is for you. Have you noticed that your cat sometimes has rather strange behaviours? If so, it may well be that it is simply trying to... take you out!

If it is constantly trying to make you fall by throwing himself at your legs as you walk by or putting its paws on your mouth and nose while you sleep, it is not a sign of affection but of attempted murder. Watch it sharpen its claws, obviously as a way to attack you more easily. Why else would it hide behind a door or your shower curtain, especially when you know how much felines hate water.

And do not think that the little massages it sometimes gives you with its little paws is a proof of love. No, it is just looking for your weak spots. But the secret weapon of cats, and the most dangerous of all, is perhaps that they are absolutely adorable and that one is ready to take all these risks in order to coexist with them.

Check out the video above for more!

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