Two-thirds of people would rather spend time with their cat than their friends

What is your relationship with your cat? For National Cat Day, which took place in the United States at the end of October, a cat litter brand published a surprising survey.

You may notice that allcats have their own personal gestures and habits that differ from one to the other. A cat's love is unique. Would you be willing to neglect your friends to be with your adorable cat? To this emotional question, many of us answered 'yes.' And let's face it, we would too!

This conclusion is the results of a studyconducted by the American cat litter brand Fresh Step. On National Cat Day (which we feel every country should have one) in the United States, that was held every October 29th, the brand asked its customers what their habits were in relation to their cat.

And in view of the results, Fresh Step has collected some rather interesting, even surprising data.

First, the owners would spend an average of 20 hours a week on their cat. We would spend more if we didn't have to work... This means that thesepeople spend more time with theirlittle feline than with their actual friends. In fact, 84% of those surveyed consider their cat to be a full member of their family.

And it is well known: talking to your cat has therapeutic results. We will not go so far as to compare the help of our friends to that of our cat, but one thing is certain, our feline friends do master purr-apy!

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