Thousands Of Pet Owners Are Feeding These Foods To Their Pets - Without Realising The Deadly Consequences

Thousands Of Pet Owners Are Feeding These Foods To Their Pets - Without Realising The Deadly Consequences

Attention pet owners! Watch our video to learn more about the food items you should NEVER give to your pets. 

When you're eating, your dog or cat can become a master in the art of seduction - soft eyes, little whines - anything to get you to give in and slip him a little morsel. But some foods are absolutely not allowed for your pets, in the interests of their health!

We know, our pets aren't really supposed to eat anything that's not their specialized dog or cat food. But sometimes, we admit, we give in... Here are 6 foods that you must absolutely never let your cats or dogs near if you want to keep them healthy and safe. 

1. Chocolate: We all know this one. Chocolate - it's delicious for us but it's not for animals. It contains substances known as methylxanthines which can cause your pet to vomit. If he eats a lot, it could even be fatal. So don't take the risk and avoid letting him get even a crumb of chocolate.

2. Apricots: Apricot is a dangerous fruit for animals because they don't realise that there is a pit in the middle so they risk suffocating. If you throw your apricot pits in the bin, make sure your dog is not able to access them.

3. Alcohol: Alcohol can be dangerous for your health but it can be even more dangerous for your pets if they ingest it inadvertently. It can cause vomiting, breathing problems, coma and even death. It takes a lot less for a cat or a dog to get these symptoms than it does for a human so be very careful with any alcohol you have in the house. 

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4. Avocado: Avocado can become a real poison to your cat, causing vomiting and diarrhea. It is therefore strongly discouraged to give it to your cat, dog, hamster, bird, or any other pet for that matter! Keep it for yourself!

5. Macadamia nuts: Macadamia nuts can be very dangerous and cause fatigue and vomiting. The toxins that they contain can also seriously affect your pets' vital organs.

6. Grapes: Even in small quantities, you are strongly discouraged to give grapes to your pets. It can cause kidney failure and other incurable problems. Never give them to your pets as even a single grape could put them in danger.  

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