This pitbull was so badly mistreated he could no longer walk but his recovery was remarkable

This poor pitbull puppy was used as bait in dog fights. When he was taken to an animal hospital, no one thought he could survive...

Pitbulls are often assumed to be the most vicious and hard to train of all breeds of dogs and moreover, they have a strong reputation of being dangerous and aggressive in comparison to most other domesticated animals.

We constantly see stories in the media about pitbull attacks, but what most people sometimes forget is that these attacks often occur as a result of poor training on the owner's part and that any animal can be dangerous or aggressive if neglected.

And in addition to owners who don't train their animals properly, there are even those who even subject their pets to incredibly dangerous situations like dog fights. Although this 'sport' is currently prohibited in both the USA and the UK, it is still a significant animal welfare issue and these fights still take place, sometimes causing the dogs involved to become seriously injured or even die.

Like this poor animal, for example. Vets were unable to save this pup's hind legs and they had to be amputated... But the love of his keepers and voluntary animal rights activists brought him back to life! Now he can finally find out what love is and finally enjoy his first toys and warm blankets...

Check out the video above to find out more about this poor, mistreated animal.

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