This loyal pup refused to leave her best friend behind at the shelter

Lucy and Sully were found abandoned in the same rescue shelter. But when the time arrived for one pup to leave without the other, their loyal instincts kick in.

Dogs are famous for their intrinsic loyalty and it is this trait which makes them stand outagainst the rest, as one of the most sought after pets worldwide. Lucy and Sully were two abandoned pups, with little known about their background, but who fortunately found their way to this sanctuary before eventually securing a forever home.

Lucy, the surrogate mom

During their time there they developed a bond that would ultimately determine what happened next.Since Sully was just a puppy when he arrived, Lucy became a kind of surrogate mum for him. After Alaina Brinton's senior dog passed away, she visited the sanctuary with the intention of adoptingjust one pup. She had her heart set on Lucy, but what happened next changed everything!

Brinton tells the story:

I saw a picture of Lucy at my local humane society and just had to meet her. When I called, they said that she’d been fostered with another dog and they’d like for me to also meet her buddy. I fell in love right away. Besides, it was obvious Sully was looking to Lucy to show him what things were or weren’t okay, and I wouldn’t have had the heart to split them up. They’re buddies forever.

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