This little girl was playing with her dog until he suddenly became aggressive

Khan is a Dobermann who was abandoned by his masters, then placed in a shelter, before being adopted by the Svilicic family. This dog has an unconditional love for the youngest of the family, Charlotte, and he proved it!

A few days after the arrival of the new dog in the family, Catherine, the mother, decided to let her daughter and Khan play together. She still decided to keep an eye on them nevertheless, because this new member of the family was only there for a few days.

An unexpected reaction

While Charlotte and her new companion were having loads of fun, Catherine saw a change in Khan’s behaviour. He became a little more aggressive with the child. He started pushing her when he suddenly grabbed her by the diaper and threw her in the air.

A heroic act

Upon seeing this, the mother rushed to Charlotte, just as she saw a venomous snake in the grass. While Catherine was taking care of Charlotte, Khan tried to scare the snake away, but it had managed to bite him. Fortunately, a brief visit to the vet assured the family Khan would be alright.

Out of love for his new family, he did not hesitate for one second to put his life in danger to save little Charlotte!

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