This little dog sells homemade ice lollies and face masks to pay for her cancer treatment

This 9-year-old dog unfortunately suffers from breast cancer. Her family decided to set up an appeal on Facebook and posted a photo of their dog offering homemade ice lollies and face masks in order to cover the expenses of her treatment.

A touching Facebook post recently went viral as a result of the heartwarming message it contained. In the post, you can see a photo of the dog sitting next to a sign saying ‘I am selling delicious ice lollies to pay for my cancer treatment.’

A doggie with a cause

As expected, thousands of users were moved by the message and didn’t think twice about sharing the story of Becky, the poor dog who was unfortunately diagnosed with cancer at the age of 9.

My name is Becky, I am 9 years old. I am a very happy and affectionate dog. Unfortunately I was recently diagnosed with cancer in my mammary glands. I will need to receive treatment for a few months and then undergo surgery. The treatment will be very expensive so my family and I are selling delicious, different-flavoured homemade ice lollies.

As well as the ice lollies, the family also decided to make face masks with nice patterns and offer to do clothing repairs in order to cover part of little Becky’s medical expenses.

The post was shared on Facebook and moved thousands of users, especially animal lovers, many of whom posted messages of love and support for Becky.

Donations to contribute towards cancer treatment

Best of all, the appeal was very successful and lots of people decided to support the cause by buying the masks and ice lollies. Some people have even donated money to contribute to the little dog’s treatment.

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