This lifeless kitten was lying frozen in the snow but what happens next is a true miracle

An amazing family found a helpless and what seemed to be lifeless kitten laying outside in the snow. This kitten was so lucky that he was found by such an amazing family who leapt into action to save his life. Thank you to the Bingham family for making this world a little bit brighter!

One Thanksgiving morning a family undertook a very generous feat. In the November weather, almost a foot on snow had fallen and had completely frozen one unfortunate kitten. Luckily the family sprang into action and did all they could to save the furry friend.

That cold morning the family did the one thing every kid dreams of come wintertime... they played in the snow. However, one son stumbled upon something that would completely change his day.

The son came across what appeared to be a dead kitten. But, it was actually still alive. It was assumed that the poor little cat had frozen while he was making his way to the lodge. The snow must have caught him off guard.

After discovering that the kitten was still alive the family sprung straight into action. They took the little guy inside and tried to warm him back up by the heat of the fireplace. Then, they started to perform CPR in order to jumpstart the frozen cat.

The family continued their efforts of thawing out the poor animal for almost an hour. After no luck, they believed that the kittenhad passed away and stopped filming. The mother took her kids back outside in order to try and perk up their holiday.

But when they came back inside something amazing happened...

The family came back to discover that the kitten was not only alive but also moving! Their efforts had in the end paid off and the tiny creature was saved.

The little kitten went home with a cousin of the family. They took him to the vet and after his shots, they declared him happy and healthy. Now the lucky kitten has a warm place to call home and never have to be outside in the cold again.

They found their cat totally frozen in the snow, what happened next is a miracle They found their cat totally frozen in the snow, what happened next is a miracle