This Is Why Kissing Your Pet Could Be Seriously Dangerous

For some people the thought of kissing your pet on the lips is just plain gross, whilst for others it's just a normal way of showing affection to your beloved furry friend. But did you know that it could actually be really dangerous?

Many pet-owners have close connections with their animals and some even allow their pets to kiss or lick them on the lips. It may be embarassing to admit but it's more common than you might think. But could this innocent gesture be harmful for humans?

Allowing your pet to kiss you on the lips can lead to several health implications depending on the health of your cat. We know that all animals carry various different bacteria that could be transmitted to humans. With cats, they carry a bacteria called Bartonella henselae. They could also pass on nasty infections such as Staph or ringworm - an unpleasant fungal infection. Young children, pregnant women and people with compromised immune systems should be especially vigilant about catching these kinds of germs from their pets.

So, in the future it's probably best to stick to a little peck on the top of your cat's head rather than a kiss on the lips!

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