This Is Why Feeding Your Cat Tuna Could Be More Dangerous Than You Think

Lots of cat owners give tinned tuna to their cat as a treat, but is it actually a good idea? Let’s have a look!

Some cat owners always have canned tuna in the cupboards, a little treat for their feline friends. But is tuna good for cats? How often should you give it to themand what do you need to know?

A source of water and protein

One thing is for sure, most cats love tuna. Tuna is rich in water, which makes it a perfectly suitable food choice for cats who don’t drink enough. It also contains protein and doesn’t make them lose weight.

A safe treat?

However, cats shouldn’t just be fed tuna. They don’t get everything they need from just kibble alone but tuna isn’t perfectly safe for cats. It is full of heavy metals such as arsenic and mercury and these substances can have quite dangerous effects on your little cat’s health. This is explained by the fact that tuna eats other small fish. As the end of the food chain, these heavy metals that are ingested by their prey are then consequently passed on to the fish.

In addition, processed foods are too salty for humansand for cats and that is the case with tuna. If your cat eats too much of it, it can cause urinary infections and very serious kidney problems.

Therefore, you should give it to them in moderation, no more than once a week, and only half a can. You should give them cat treats that are part of a balanced diet instead.

What fish can you give them?

If you want to treat your cat with a bit of fish, you could choose to give them sardines or mackerel instead, making sure to remove the oil and grease.

If you want to give your cat foods that contain lots of water to make up for a lack of it, give them a moist kibble. It’s rich in water, which is good for their kidneys.

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