This Is How You Can Tell If Your Cat Really Loves You Or Not

You may notice that all cats have their own personal gestures and habits that differ from one to the other. Although they may not be able to talk, our fur babies have many ways of showing us they love us. It's well-known that pets have a special way of communicating with their owners.

Although we can't read their minds, there are certain gestures and signals that our pets share with us. Whilst some may say that dogs are more affectionate, experts believe that cats also have their own special ways of saying 'I love you.'

For instance, when yourcat presses a little toy or dead animal into your lapthen it could be a sign that you are wanted! And if they give you little headbutts or stare at you for a long time this is another sign that they want to be with you.

Is this love? Getty Images

Cats have always been looked at as cold and uncaring creatures, but they have a surprising amount of affection to give and quite a bit of attitude to boot!

If they show you their stomach or curve the tip of their tail that means that they are saying I love you. So next time you're cat is doing something strange or abnormal, think about what they're doing and if it might mean anything more!

Check out the video above for some more ways you can tell if your cat really loves you!

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