Feline gives birth to an extremely rare two-headed kitten

A cat had a litter of five kittens, but one kitten came out with an extremely rare birth defect.

Feline gives birth to an extremely rare two-headed kitten
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For many of us, introducing a new animal into the family is a fun, exciting and happy time. Unfortunately, this wasn't the case for one cat owner. After one of their cats fell pregnant, and subsequently gave birth to kittens, one of them was born with a critical deformity.

Two heads, three eyes, two mouths

The owner, Xiao Wei had an enormous shock when her cat gave birth to her litter of five kittens. Unlike her brothers and sisters, Akamaru was born with rather unusual facial features. She has two heads, three eyes, and two mouths, but only eats out of one mouth.


When asked if Akamaru is different from other kittens, he said:

It is just like the other four siblings, sticks around with mother when it is scared. But it walks slower than the others as her head is heavy and always bobs.

This birth defect is extremely rare for kittens. The owner plans on keeping the kitten but tragically, with this defect it is unlikely the kitten will survive for very long.