This dog waited 3 months for its owner, who died in the hospital due to COVID-19

This is the sad story of a little dog whose owner caught COVID-19.

In February 2020, when the COVID-19 epidemic was at its peak in China, many people died in hospitals. Among them was the owner of a dog who sat at the hospital, waiting for him to come back, for a very long time. A tragic story.

Xiao Bao, a hopeful little dog

In Hubei province, China, a retiree was transferred to Wuhan Taikand hospital in early February. Unfortunately, the man died five days later. Hislittle dog, Xiao Bao, stayed at the hospital the whole time his owner was being treated and for three months after his death. He waited in the halls of the hospital, full of hope, for his owner to recover. Wuhan Taikand hospital staff fed him regularly, according to Metro magazine.

The dog was kicked out several times but kept coming back to the hall, determined to find his owner. Eventually, the owner of the hospital's mini-market, Wu Cuifen, decided to take care of the dog.

He never left the hospital. It was incredibly touching and so loyal. Every morning when I opened up, Xiao Bao would be there waiting for me.

A new family for Xiao Bao

After the three months of seeing the dog there waiting, several patients got annoyed that he was there and many of them filed complaints. So, the little dog was handed over to local animal protection services, who are currently looking into families that might be able to welcome him into their home.

Looks like coronavirus is making life difficult for a lot of animals too.

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