This dog teaches her pups to be calm in an amazing way

There is no denying a mother's love from humans to dogs, kangaroos to blue whales. In the animal kingdom, it's usually the mother's job to prepare their young for when they inevitably venture out on their own.

In the video above, we see a litter of excited pupswho can't wait to get at their mother. Their mother calmly watches from behind the barrier undoubtedly processing her love for her young ones.

As the gate opens and she steps in, thepups can't help but be excited and fight for her attention, some rushing for her nipples for some nourishment while others get in her face to show their affection to their mother.

A mother always knows

The experienced mother is quickly overwhelmed by the chaotic puppy energy, she begins to growl and finally barks at her young ones to let them know that they're misbehaving.

It doesn't take long for her pups to take the hint and quickly settle down. I'm not sure if you've ever had a puppybut its almost impossible to get them to calm down unless they're falling asleep. It's amazing to see the dominance this mother displays over her babies.

A few rebels still try to sniff her or bite her tail but are quickly corrected and made to behave. The awe-inspiring footage shows how a caninemother can easily let her young know she's in charge and that what she says goes.

The video is also adorably cute as one herpups calm down the mother goes around sniffing and saying hello to each one of her babies as if to say 'I'm sorry for yelling sweetie'... So cute!

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