This dog's owners sent her back to the pound for a tragic reason

The owners of this cute dog decided to give up on their pet and drop it off to the shelter for this tragic reason.

This dog's owners sent her back to the pound for a tragic reason
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The case of abandoned pups is a near epidemic. Despite the widespread campaigns which promote the idea that dogs are not just for Christmas, there tends to be a minority who will generally ignore this advice.

Such is the case for Cookie, a dog that was abandoned for reasons which make you wonder what those who adopted her intend to do next. Returned to a dog shelter for being too old and sick, they then traded her for a younger pup. I fear the day they find out that all pups grow old.

Thankfully the tale boasts a happy ending... Cookie has since been discovered by a loving family which has welcomed this adorable pup into their home for life... the way it should be!

Too many stray dogs in the UK

There are currently over 56,000 stray dogs across the UK, according to Dogs Trust's Stray Dogs 2018 survey. This figure is at its lowest in 21 years, with the number of strays collected by authorities 15% less than the previous year. But more still needs to be done to ensure that this figure keeps going down.

In 2018, 1400 were put to sleep, down from 2200 the year before. This is mostly due to ill health or aggressive behaviour, which means that they are then usually not adopted. Thankfully this was not the case with Cookie!

Watch the video above to see Cookie's story in full!