This dog has the most heartwarming reaction to a cat giving birth

After this cat gave birth to an adorable clutter of kittens, she found a very unexpected helper which left everyone in stitches! Watch the video to see for yourself!

After giving birth to a healthy clutter ofseven adorable kittens, one very unexpected member of the family decided to join the brood to play the role of dad! The 5 tabby kitties and their 2 orange siblings are lucky enough to be able to be loved by a mom and dad. Even if their dad doesn't look much like them...

Dog, the babysitter-in-chief

The mum, Terra, was fortunate to be able to count on this particular member of the family for support. It was a devoted and faithful family dog who quickly becamebabysitter-in-chief for the fluffy little bundles of joy!

To get along like cats and dogs

What an absolutely heartwarming story that left an entire family in stitches and us as well! This story ought to change some unfounded preconceived notions that cats and dogs don't get along. This happy family proves just the contrary!

Check out the video for footage that will make your heart melt!

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