This dog did something unusual to catch its owner's attention

A woman spent three days in terror after her mischievous dog did something unusual to get her attention.

When you take a dog into your house, you agree to be their primary caregiver, which means you're in charge of keeping them happy and healthy. While they can give you unconditional affection and friendship, they are unable to clean up after themselves and must rely on you to gather their 'offerings' scattered across the garden.

Put a ring in it!

Shyler Brianne Kraus was unable to play with her dog Finn while working from home and the mischievous pup plotted his vengeance. She got more than she bargained for when it came to poop duties, as she spent three and a half days 'mushing' her dog's excrement in search of her misplaced wedding band. When Shyler was on a crucial Zoom call, her dog Finn was playing with his toys in another room. She recounted, as quoted by The Mirror:

Halfway through the meeting, I could hear him playing with something metallic because I could hear the little ting sounds from his teeth and nails. I’m not sure how I knew but, in the moment, I just knew it was my wedding ring.

She had kept her wedding ring on her bedside table and Finn took his chance and swallowed it as a punishment for not giving him attention. He walked into the room seconds after Shyler's meeting ended and sat behind her, impatiently waiting for her to start playing with him. She ended up rushing Finn to the vets for an X-ray after an unsuccessful hunt for her wedding band. She added:

All weekend long, I mushed poo pile after poo pile. I’ve never been so grateful to have a mask to wear and still my dog’s stomach remained my grossest jewellery box.
On Monday, a very stressful day for us, we discovered that after three and a half days my ring had started to make the journey to Finn’s forbidden zone.

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Attention seeking dog behaviour

When dogs are left alone for lengthy periods, they may become significantly clingier when their owner returns, and what may appear to be attention-seeking is actually a separation-related issue. Being bored is one of the most typical causes. This could be due to a lack of exercise, mental stimulation, or simply because they are not receiving enough attention from their owners.

Other dogs who lack confidence or are afraid may crave attention since it makes them feel safer to be around their owners. And, of course, there may be some things you do as a pet owner that unintentionally contributes to them becoming attention-seekers.

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