This Dog Accidentally Swallowed A Bag Of Drugs... Here's What He Looks Like Today

Humans' lives sometimes have terrible consequences for those of animals. But little chihuahua Lucky's name is fitting, as he was lucky enough to be saved.

A bag of heroin and a little puppy. That's what two police officers discovered in Texas during a vehicle search. Visibly drugged, the animal had swallowed a dose of heroin. Carrollton Animal Services were notified and the animal was taken to the North Texas Emergency Veterinary Clinic.

He tested positive for drugs

Testing positive for opioids, Lucky was suffering. He has a low body temperature, a low heart rateand was very close to cardiac arrest. Fortunately, the veterinarians were able to react quickly and save the poor pup's life. Once he was cured, the Chihuahua puppy was ready to be adopted.

The little girl

While many people had the opportunity to meet Lucky, it wasa little girl who finally adopted him. Although she did not win the lottery at all, it was a gentleman who gave her his ticket, not wanting to separate the two new friends. She now very happy to have a new companion, and Lucky has a new family.

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