This abandoned dog thought her owners had come back for her, but couldn't be more wrong

You can't help but have your heartbreak when you see the moment in the video where the poor pup makes the realisation that her owners aren't as loving as she once thought...

Staff at the Downey Animal Care Center in Los Angeles were witnesses to a sad scene.

Zuzu, alost dog who hadn't been claimed by her owners was waiting desperately for her owners at the shelter. One day, she was delighted to see her old family on the other side of the fence! Sadly, they hadn't come to collect Zuzu, they were there to get a new pet.

Zuzu the German Shepard Daily Mail

We can't imagine how devastated poor Zuzu must have been! Luckily she didn't have to wait long to get adopted by another lovely couple, the Russo's. The pair said they had another beloved rescue who had passed away just after they heard the news of Zuzu. Mr Russo told the Daily Mail:

We were bummed out to the max, and headed home to our other rescue dog Dodger. While trying our best to be normal, I did the email stuff, then turned on the TV, and again the story of Zuzu reappeared.
Zuzu with his new family Daily Mail

He continued:

I’m not sure why Dinky decided on that day of all days to take a new journey with his soul and to move on, but he did, and at that moment I knew that whatever we needed to do, whatever we could do, we needed to try to adopt Zuzu.

Check out the video above to see the heartbreaking footage!

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