The Mistakes Every Dog Owner Needs to Stop Making Right Now
The Mistakes Every Dog Owner Needs to Stop Making Right Now
The Mistakes Every Dog Owner Needs to Stop Making Right Now
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The Mistakes Every Dog Owner Needs to Stop Making Right Now

Being a pet owner can be pretty challenging and frustrating for both the owner and the pet. With that being said, let's think about our furry little friends and some common mistakes we make as pet owners. Watch our video to learn more!

For the most part, many dogs can tolerate this behaviour because they are very cooperative and easygoing in nature. However, these are not enjoyable for your pets and therefore should be avoided.

Too much hugging

Almost all dogs hate being squeezed or hugged. They feel this is a sign of threat. If your dog wants to cuddle with you then they will lay next to you but it doesn't mean that they want you to smother them. Pay close attention to their body language—if they want to be playful then they will show you.

Getting in your dog's face

Dogs hate when you put your hands on their face. If you need to brush their teeth or clean their face then do it gently and quickly. Also, rewarding them with treats will help ease the process.

Not letting them explore during walks

When you take your dogs outside for walks, they want to sniff and explore the area. Try to be patient and give them extra time outside to play. Remember, most of the day they are stuck inside therefore getting fresh air and exploring nature is really important for both humans and animals.

Lack of routine

Believe it or not but your dogs like daily routine and basic rules. Owners need to provide some form of training for their dogs in order to enrich their lives. They absolutely love the structure and attention. For example, try feeding them at the same time each day and create an outdoor exercise routine for them. It's good for their physical and mental well-being.

Yelling at them

Just like humans dogs hate being screamed at. It's all about the tone of voice and if you scream loudly and too often then they will be too afraid and may lose confidence. With that being said, it is okay to yell at your dog if they do something wrong but don't get into the habit of yelling at them for everything. Living in a negative environment isn't good for anyone.

Dressing them

Dogs hate wearing clothes so don't dress them up. They might look super cute but if they are uncomfortable then you should take the hint. Their fur is made to keep them warm therefore heavy blankets and thick itchy sweaters are not necessary.

Wearing strong fragrances

Most dog's are very sensitive to smell. Avoid spraying too much perfume or air freshener when your dog is around. The smell could cause irritation in your dog's nose.

Not giving them enough attention

Dogs are very social animals and love attention. However, some dogs might feel otherwise—it's important to understand your dog's personality. When you leave your dogs home alone all day during working hours, not only do they feel lonely but they are often times sad and very bored.

Being angry around the dog

If you are upset then your dog will know. They are very intuitive animals and if you are feeling sad then they will also feel sad. Try to stay happy to avoid any health problems for yourself and your furry little friend.

By Lola Bee

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