Owner shocked to discover her klepto cat had stolen hundreds of shoes

One cat owner was shocked to learn that her sneaky cat had been doing some thievery in the night and over a month had stolen over 100 shoes from nearby neighbours.

For a whole month, cat owner BJ Ross was confused as to why random shoes kept appearing on her porch.

It all started back in January with two odd shoes showing up on the pavement outside her door. Not knowing what else to do she just threw them away.

However, when the act of randomly appearing shoes didn't stop, she suspected that one of her 7 cats might have been at fault. Namely, Jordan as the tuxedo cat was the only one who regularly roamed around at night.

Wanting to catch him in the act, Ross not only set up security cameras but also attached a GPS tag to her cat's collar.

And, Jordan proved her right. Just as BJ suspected she caught the cheeky feline smuggling home up to three shoes a night. The kleptomaniac cat would even go back to the scenes of the crime to retrieve matching shoes because who would be content with an odd pair? In fact, over a month the cat had managed to swipe over 100 shoes.

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BJ dished on the matter and revealed while it was pretty funny it was also quite embarrassing. She stated:

I do think it's so funny but at the same time it is quite embarrassing. I feel bad when he takes someone's shoes as they might need right away. But he is a cat and he means no harm. I noticed in January there was a shoe or two in my sidewalk. I just threw them away. The shoes came more often.

She continued:

Jordan is my only cat that prowls at night so I figured it was him. I bought him a GPS tracker and put a camera outside. And I caught him. We have had over 100 shoes since January. He sometimes goes back for the pair on the same night. Sometimes several days later.

BJ also states that not only does her cat like to loot strangers shoes but he will also guard the treasures with his life:

We do have a cat door however he drops them on the sidewalk in my yard. He can get very protective over the shoes though. Once my brother brought his dog over, and Jordan guarded them the entire time.

BJ explained that she rescued Jordan for her 15-year-old son, Gavin. Gavin has Aspergers and BJ says that having Jordan around has really taught Gavin the value of patience.

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And, in an attempt to make things right, the mental health therapist has set up a Facebook page and website called Jordan The Feline Cat Burglar so that the neighbours can identify and come and retrieve their things. Ross continued to state that already, some of the neighbours have been by to get their things.

We have returned several pairs to their owners since we set up the page and are trying to return more. Fortunately, the couple of neighbours who have come for them have found it funny, Jordan doesn't just bring shoes though. He has also brought a bathing suit, gloves, knee and elbow pads, a baseball mitt and a knee brace. Once he even brought a live snake into my kitchen.

Well, we know that cats bring home things as gifts for their owners so maybe Jordan just really, really loves BJ and Gavin.

This klepto cat always brought his owner gifts... But he wasn't expecting this This klepto cat always brought his owner gifts... But he wasn't expecting this