These 5 cat breeds would make great companions for your dog

Are you considering having several pets in your home? Here are the breeds of cat that generally get along very well with dogs.

Do you dream of having a dog AND a cat? People often think that you have to choose, but sometimes it is possible to have both animals in the same home. There are certain breeds of cats that tend to tolerate dogs very well. Here are some of them!

The cohabitation between dogs and cats: a big topic!

It is sometimes difficult to make dogs and cats live together. Indeed, these two animals do not have the same codes and the same lifestyles. It can, therefore, be difficult to achieve a good harmony between them.

To make it easier for them to get along, it is best to adoptthe two animals together when they are both young. They will both arrive on neutral ground, and will each find their bearings in order to live together in harmony. This can also work if one of the animals is an adult, and the other is a baby. Be aware, however, that it is more difficult for an adult cat to take in a puppy since this little feline is a territorial animal.

Finally, some cat breeds will be more tolerant of a dog provided they have a good temper. Here are 5 of them!

The Ragdoll

The Ragdoll cat is a good breed! This breed is very gentle when it comes to losing hair as well as regarding its temperament, and it should get along well with your dog thanks to its playful and cheeky disposition.

The Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is as imposing as a dog and has a very similar character. It loves to cuddle and play. This very sociable animal should not cause your dog any problems, quite the contrary!

The American Shorthair

The American Shorthair is a cat of extraordinary intelligence. With great sociability, it is likely that it gets along wonderfully with your dog!

American Shorthair Getty Images

The Sacred Cat of Burma

In spite of its calm side, the Birman is an extremely playful cat, even more than a dog. It loves to play with its owners, and with dogs even more. One thing is sure: your dog and your Sacred Cat of Burma will not get bored (and neither will you)!

The Abyssinian

The Abyssinian is probably the most sociable of all cats. It will get along wonderfully with your dog, and even your other animals if you have any (rabbit, bird, ferret...).

Don't forget – adopt don't shop!

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