He Rescued This Kitten and Took it Home, but the Kitten Could Have Never Expected This

A man finds a red kitten in his truck and saves it from certain death. But then what happens when he takes it home is just incredible.

A truck driver hears screams while driving that seem to come out of his vehicle. Irritated, he looks inside the truck and discovers a little ginger kitten that is just a few days old. There's no sign of the mother for far and wide, so he decides to take the kitten home and take care of it.

Adorable! Getty Images

But at home, the cute kitten gets a surprise: the truck driver already has a small ferret family. The two ferrets are delighted to have the chance to romp around all day with the little cat. The man decides to keep the cat and calls her Fuchagi.

He takes care of the kitten, gives her a bottle in the day and at night and helps her live a pampered life. Fuchagi is really lucky that she has found such a great adoptive family!

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