One Rottweiler Saved a Baby's Life in the Most Incredible Way

Rottweilers definitely aren’t a breed of dog particularly renowned for being friendly. In fact, most people will instinctively avoid the animal if they can. Of all people it can run into, this Rottweiler found a helpless babe and what he does with it is unbelievable.

Rottweilers are often considered aggressive, so aren’t particularly popular among dog owners. But one Rottweiler has just proved everyone wrong and saved a child in an amazing way.

This Rottweiler became a hero

As it turns out, Rottweilers aren’t very popular and are often considered aggressive and not extremely sociable dogs. But that’s wrong! This dog proves that in the best way possible. Also, when you take a look at Rottweiler puppies, you can't help but fall in love with these beautiful animals.

In Canelones in Uruguay, a young girl gave birth to a baby. However, due to mental illness, she didn’t tell anybody about the birth and abandoned the child. In the hospital that she then went to so she could get checked out, she told them she had a miscarriage.

Had this Rottweiler not been such a sociable dog, the baby would have died. Most people would think if a Rottweiler stumbled upon a screaming infant,they would surely think of it as a toy and probably do more harm than good to the poor helpless child, however, the reality is quite the contrary and this Rottweiler became a hero.

Tracking the baby

The Rottweiler that lived in the surrounding area, sniffed out the newborn baby and followed the trail. It spent the whole night by the child’s side and managed to get the attention of its grandfather the next day.

With the help of the dog, the child was finally found with its umbilical cord still attached and was taken to the hospital straight away.The Rottweiler saved this baby’s life!

Check the video above for the incredible full story!

This dog saved the life of a mother and her unborn baby in the most incredible way This dog saved the life of a mother and her unborn baby in the most incredible way