4 Things You Should Never Do To Your Cat

Even if your heart is in the right place, there are certain things you really shouldn't do to your cat. As fascinating as they may be, cats also hold dear their peace of mind. Here are four things you should not do with your furry friend.

Cats are exciting animals. The way they walk, the way they meow, or even just the way they look at you... Cats are simply irresistible. According to Dr. Lætitia Barlerin, a veterinarian, you should avoid doing certain things if you have one of these little fur-friends.

1. Giving them just 2 meals a day

Cats need more! Our little feline friends love to snack. According to the veterinarian, they need to eat more than fifteen times a day! Yup, your fur-baby is a walking belly. In the wild, cats hunt ten to fifteen times a day on average. That's why they need to have cat food several times a day!

2. Forcing physical contact

Cats are predators, but they're also prey. That's why they're not fans of forced hugs. That's also why they'll scratch you or fight their way out of your arms. According to the doctor, we have to let them come to us first, not the other way around.

3. Yelling at them

Cats have very sensitive hearing, which is very useful for hunting. If you shout at your cat when it does something stupid, you're more likely to scare it and prevent it from understanding what it may have done wrong. It's best to be patient...

4. Leaving them to their own devices for too long

It might not look like it, but cats are very sociable creatures, who are actually very attached to their owner (most of them anyway). They need you to give them attention, play with them and cuddle them to really feel happy.

You can check out the video above for further explanations that will help you in your relationship with your feline friend!

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