The body part you have a tattoo on says a lot about your personality

Tattoos not only have a significant meaning in your life, but their placement can say a lot about you too. Do you have one on your forearm, thigh, back, or chest? This is what it means

Once you know what kind of tattoo you want, comes the task of putting it in the right place on your body. Choosing the right body part to place the tattoo on is not just a random choice, rather it says a lot about your personality. According to The Minds Journal, it can give an idea of who you are to the world. Here’s what they mean.

Having a tattoo on your forearm

Forearm tattoos are clearly visible. As such, a person with a forearm tattoo is not afraid of anything, is confident and likes to be the centre of attention. It represents someone tough and strong.

Having a tattoo on your back

Back tattoos usually suggest the end of a life phase or relationship. They are linked with maturity and growth. Tattoos on the lower back can be linked to sexuality and spine tattoos are associated with core beliefs.

Back Tattoo BLACK SWAN (2010), Searchlight Pictures, Twentieth Century Fox France

Having a tattoo on your chest

Chest tattoos are more intimate and not meant to be seen by everyone. The idea is to place a tattoo closest to the heart, making whatever the tattoo signify their purpose or way of life. These individuals are usually emotionally charged or intuitive.

Having a tattoo on your neck

People with neck tattoos are not only the strongest of the lot but are also wise and bold. These people are not afraid of making tough choices in life.

Having a tattoo behind your ear

These people are free-spirited, often very careful about not being exposed to the world. They enjoy having a choice of showing people who they are and also hiding it when they want.

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Having a tattoo on your thigh

Thigh tattoos are one of the most sexual of all placements. It is for people who are mysterious, fashionable and trendy. Usually, these thigh tattoos have sentimental values.

Having a tattoo on your chest

Arms are the most common placement for a tattoo. People with arm tattoos are a little cautious and on the wild side. They tend to live as they please without caring much about others.

Having a tattoo on your ribcage

The ribcage is the most painful location in the body. A person with a ribcage tattoo is a mentally strong person, who is brave and resilient. It oozes confidence and security. Women with rib cage tattoos are often artistic, creative and sensual.

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Having a tattoo on your face

Historically, face tattoos were linked with gangs and criminals, but they are now accepted otherwise. People with face tattoos are bold, and daring and do not shy away from commitment.

Having a tattoo on your feet or ankles

People with tattoos on their feet and ankles are more shy and discreet about their decisions. They are mysterious and do not like to involve themselves with everyone

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