Having Dreams Involving Money? Here's What It Means

Have you ever dreamt about money before? There are various reasons that this could be. Find out what your dreams mean below.

1. A symbol of success

No surprise here, dreaming of money can be a symbol of success. Fortune is often linked to power and self-confidence. This means that dreaming of money could signify a forthcoming success or a desire to succeed. If you dream that you find a sum of money, dig up a treasure chest or rob a bank, this indicates that you’re going to start saving money soon and your bank account will be better off.

2. A symbol of the unexpected

From a slightly different perspective, dreaming that you find money can also mean that you’re going to make an unexpected discovery that won’t necessarily be directly linked to money. It could also be an unexpected encounter, a happy event, a fresh start or an impromptu trip.

3. This could also be a symbol of failure

If you lose a large sum of money in a dream, it’s a bad omen signifying that you could actually see a part of your savings disappear in real life. A negative dream involving money could also mean that you’re wasting your time and energy on activities that aren’t worth it. This type of dream can be a warning sign to encourage you to do a bit of soul searching whilst keeping your lifestyle and your priorities at the front of your mind. Finally, if you dream that someone steals your wallet or your savings, it’s possible that you’ll see your investments turn into failures.

Dreaming of money can have lots of different meanings. By analysing and keeping a diary of your dreams, you can understand how your dreams translate into your daily life.

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