This 'Doll' Has Stood In A Shop Window For 85 Years - Her Hand Reveals What She Really Is...

This 'Doll' Has Stood In A Shop Window For 85 Years - Her Hand Reveals What She Really Is...

In Chihuahua in Mexico, a mannequin provides a lot of conversation. Legend has it that this could be an embalmed corpse - the daughter of the owner!

The dead have an important role in Mexico, which somewhat explains how this strange story came to be.

Since 1930, the same mannequin has been displayed

In the city of Chihuahua, which is located in the north of Mexico, everyone is familiar with one particular bridal shop. The same mannequin has stood in the shop window since 1930. Particularly scary stories surround this doll, because it bears a striking resemblance to the daughter of the then owner, Pascuala Esparza, who was at that time tragically killed.

La Pascualita

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On the day of her wedding, the young girl was bitten by a black widow and died of the poison from the deadly spider. Her father, the shopkeeper, reportedly never overcame this shock and therefore created the mannequin, which bears the name La Pascualita, allegedly from the body of his daughter. Yes, that's right - the mannequin is supposed to be the embalmed body of the tragically deceased daughter! This is allegedly why the doll has stayed standing in the window since 1930.

This horror story attracts tourists and customers from the United States and across Europe. There are thousands of explanations of this doll on the Internet, but La Pascualita remains shrouded in mystery... Check out the video to see her for yourself!

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