The Hidden Health And Beauty Benefits Of Hazelnut Oil
The Hidden Health And Beauty Benefits Of Hazelnut Oil
The Hidden Health And Beauty Benefits Of Hazelnut Oil
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The Hidden Health And Beauty Benefits Of Hazelnut Oil

Whilst hazelnut oil has many advantages in the kitchen and is a great ingredient to use if you're on a diet, what many people don't realise are it's various cosmetic benefits. Luckily, we've got a summary on the best ways you can introduce this amazing ingredient into your everyday beauty routine.

The Benefits Of Using Hazelnut Oil


Extracted from hazelnuts, this oil is an excellent base both in cooking and in cosmetic use. It is packed with omega-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids that can reduce cholesterol and the risk of cardiovascular disease. It has a high concentration of vitamin E, which makes it a great source of antioxidants, making it a great anti-aging treatment. Rich in vitamin B, vitamin A, selenium, calcium and flavonoids, hazelnut oil helps prevent the formation of certain cancers and supports the optimum development of bones, hair, and nails.


Though it has many versatile uses in the kitchen, hazelnut oil is also an ideal addition to your home beauty routine:

In the kitchen: Whilst it's best to use it raw to take advantage of all of its nutrients, hazelnut oil can also be used in baking to flavor biscuits and cakes. Hazelnut oil can help the body to regenerate cells and acts as a stimulant to the bloodstream. It can help to boost energy and is therefore particularly recommended for athletes, to boost their body during a cold or flu or in times of heavy fatigue.

For the face: With its regenerating and nourishing properties, hazelnut oil makes an excellent base for anti-ageing home care. Moisturising, it nourishes and plumps the skin. It can even be used on the fragile skin around the eyes. Its cocktail of vitamins restores radiance to tired complexions.

For the body: To use pure or in addition to your body cream, hazelnut oil is ideal to restore softness to the driest skin. It can be used on stretch marks as it helps restore the skin's elasticity and smooths it to eliminate unsightly traces.

For the hair: Hazelnut oil restores shine to dull hair and will rejuvenate dry locks. It will help to purify the scalp and is not at all greasy.


Hazelnut oil is still quite rare. The process of extracting the oil from the hazelnuts is an expensive process and the oil is therefore quite expensive to buy. You can expect to pay £4-5 for 100ml. If possible, buy organic for the best quality product.

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