Vladimir Putin: The unique way he announced divorce from ex-wife Lyudmila

Vladimir Putin is divorced from his ex-wife Lyudmila. The Russian President made the official announcement on television.

Vladimir Putin has chosen to officially announce his divorce with Lyudmila on television, a unique way to announce the news.

The announcement of divorce from Lyudmila

The politician, however, reveals very little about his private life. During the intermission of a ballet in Moscow in 2013, he made this personal announcement: it was over between him and Lyudmila. This occurred while the performance Esmeralda was in full swing.

As a reminder, he had already been living apart from her for nine years.

Russian President Vladimir Putin divorces ex-wife Lyudmila  Mikhail Svetlov / Getty Images

The Russian leader hides his private life to such an extent that some media, including Moskovski Korrespondent, were even closed following research conducted on his personal life. Putin's authoritarian policy does not leave room to chance that photos are relayed in the press, especially concerning his past relationship with Lyudmila Putina. The mysterious former KGB officer was 60 years old at the time.

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Putin safeguards his private life

His ex-wife has not been present at major events for some time. The media, discouraged from investigating the past or present of Vladimir Putin, are hardly informed of the personal life of the leader of Russia. Thus, the announcement of divorce from Lyudmila in 2013 after 30 years of marriage surprised the Russian people. The details of his private life remain in his close circle.

Vladimir Putin: The Russian President hides his ex-wife after receiving threats Vladimir Putin: The Russian President hides his ex-wife after receiving threats