Royal Family: The Queen has contacted Kim Jong-Un, Buckingham Palace confirms

Her Royal Majesty has reached out to North Korea's Kim Jong-Un as confirmed by Buckingham Palace. What could the two be talking about?

Truth be told, the Queen wasn't out trying to get frisky with North Korea's Supreme Leader, but she did get in touch to wish him and the country's citizens prosperity and well-being.

The Queen reaches out

As reported by Buckingham Palace, a message was sent on behalf of the Queen on 7 September to commemorate the Democratic People's Republic of North Korea's 73rd anniversary since being founded. The message read:

As the people of the Democratic People's Republic of Korea celebrate their national day, I send my good wishes for the future.

A mutual exchange of courtesy

As it turns out, North Korea also greets the Queen for her birthday each year, which is safe to say the two nations are on rather good terms—or at least, civil terms. This is one thing that other countries, such as the US don't seem to have going on for them. According to Bruce Bennett, a North Korea expert at the Rand Corporation, believes that other countries should follow suit:

I firmly believe that the ROK (South Korea, the Republic of Korea), the US and other allies should be telling the people of North Korea that we do not hate them. Contrary to what the regime tells them, we are not their enemies, and that we really hope that they can have a better life.

And added:

I have always been puzzled with why the US government doesn't try to send such messages.
[Kim Jong-un] appears to be paranoid about outside information, the US and its allies should be regularly sending appropriate messages to the people of North Korea, messages that contradict the regime's villainizing propaganda.
With Kim having so many internal problems right now, he needs scapegoats to blame. What better message to send that that we are not hurting North Korea—the regime is.
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