Prince Andrew cancels Christmas for his legal team

Christmas is looking bleak for Prince Andrew as he is busy preparing for judgment day on 4 January.

Christmas is a much awaited time of the year for families across the world—including our beloved royal family. But this year, the Queen’s youngest son will be missing out on key celebrations and it looks like he’s ordered his legal team to do the same as well.

Canceling Christmas

On 4 January, Prince Andrew will find out whether or not he will face trial in the US civil court, following the lawsuit filed against him by his accuser Virginia Giuffre. Since she slapped him with the suit in October, his legal team have been aggressively looking for ways to nullify the case but so far their efforts have not been successful.

A source told Mirror that the Prince has been ‘consumed’ by the case and ‘spends his days and nights poring over documents.’ They revealed that he might have asked his legal advisors to ditch their Christmas plans to focus on their defence. They added:

He was particularly stressed a few days ago and was heard remonstrating with one of the team.
The feeling was he was telling them to effectively cancel Christmas and get totally across all the eventualities of what could happen in the case so there are, as he put it, ‘no more surprises.’
It’s very much a last ditch attempt to get the case thrown out and if that doesn’t succeed he knows they are all potentially in it for the long haul.

Missing Christmas church service

This year, Prince Andrew has also decided to skip Christmas day church service, which is attended by royal family members, at Sandringham. Instead, he will go to morning service at St Mary Magdalene church.

Sources have also suggested that he initially planned to keep a distance from the royal family altogether and spend the day with his daughters Beatrice and Eugenie. But upon a request from his mother, he has decided to go to Sandringham and see the family.

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