NASA’s Mars rover found a mysterious ‘noodle’ object

As the search on Mars continues, various rovers have found exciting details about the Red Planet. However, the latest discovery has left scientists baffled.

NASA’s Mars rover found a mysterious ‘noodle’ object
NASA’s Mars rover found a mysterious ‘noodle’ object

Mars is a fascinating planet. NASA has sent numerous rovers to explore this planet, the latest is Perseverance. Just last month (June 2022), it found an unexpected piece of metal wedged between two rocks. Now, it seems to have found a mysterious ‘noodle’.

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A mysterious ‘noodle’

NASA often updates the public with its latest findings on its social media platforms. The latest information that has come from Perseverance is a mysterious ‘noodle’ like object on the Red Planet.

NASA experts are trying to figure out where this piece of debris has come from. So far they have some idea, but they can’t be completely sure.

Could be from one of the rover’s cameras

As reported by Mirror, NASA suspects this spaghetti-like debris could be from one of the rover’s front-facing hazard avoidance cameras. These cameras are used to observe the landscape on Mars as well as protect the rover when it’s driving or using its robotic arm.

Even though it is fun to speculate what this strange object is, it is likely just a piece of space junk left behind from when the Perseverance rover landed in 2021, as per The Byte.

Space junk can quickly become a problem if scientists aren’t careful. Indeed if the equipment isn’t properly cleaned and sterilised before being sent out into space, it could contaminate other planets with unknown germs. Moreover, there is concern over space junk as it shows the impact humankind has on the environment, both on Earth and in space.

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