Missing Jay Slater: Spanish police calls of search operation as TikTok influencer presents new clue

The search for missing teen Jay Slater has been called off after two weeks of rescue operation, but new evidence is still being found.

Jay Slater missing case update
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Jay Slater missing case update

A British teenager Jay Slater went missing while on a holiday on the Spanish island Tenerife last month. The 19-year-old was last contacted on June 17 at 8 am when he told his friends that he was in the middle of nowhere and needed water. His friend Lucy confirmed that Slater told her his phone’s battery was on one per cent as he attempted to walk back to his holiday accommodation.

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Sky News reported that his last location was in the northwestern village of Masca - 11 hours away from his holiday accommodation in Los Cristianos in the south on foot. Spanish police and the British teen’s family have spent the last two weeks searching for him but to no avail.

Search for Jay Slater called off after massive search on June 29

After Spanish police’s significant search efforts bore no results, the Civil Guard appealed for volunteers for a ‘massive search’ to be held on June 29, shares LadBible. A handful of volunteers turned up to help rescue teams on Saturday. A group of 30 to 40 people scoured a huge area of rugged and hilly terrain to find Jay Slater.

However, Sky News has now been told that the police search has ended. A Tenerife Civil Guard spokesperson said:

The search operation is over. Yesterday was the final day of the search.

Police are keeping the investigation open, the spokesperson added:

The search operation is no longer active, but the case is still open and there are several lines of investigation.
The search has gone on for many days because it is a rocky area that is hard to access.

Despite the official search for Jay Slater being over, the teen's family have vowed to keep looking for him. Jay’s best friend’s mother said:

We're just carrying on searching ourselves. We're looking for whoever we can find with mountain rescue experience and will carry on searching the area.

What is the new evidence found in the Jay Slater missing case?

As the police call off the search operation for Jay Slater, British climber and social media personality Paul Arnott found new evidence in the case. According to GB News, the 29-year-old climber travelled to Tenerife to help find the teen and was able to find a pair of sunglasses similar to the ones Slater was last seen wearing near his last known location.

The black broken pair of glasses was found on the ground apparently near the Mirador lookout point - near Slater’s last known location. He said, as quoted by the publication:

There have been some new developments and these sunglasses could be key.
hey were found by an army guy called Chris who lives here. I don't want to go into too much detail yet, but the family have them and are looking at them.
They could be Jay's... They are very similar to ones he has and we are waiting to see. It could be very significant.

The missing teen attended the NRG music festival on the island with two friends before his disappearance.

Paul Arnott, a TikTok influencer, is still searching for the teen with his family. While the police shared that many people turned up for the massive search on June 29, it has also been revealed by the influencer that ‘fewer than a dozen volunteers turned up’ for the search and there were ‘more journalists than rescue workers.’

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