I Tried This Remarkable Sleepy Lotion Then I Fell Asleep In 10 Minutes

I Tried This Remarkable Sleepy Lotion Then I Fell Asleep In 10 Minutes

Not being able to fall asleep can be a nightmare - all the tossing and turning and the thought of how knackered you will feel the next morning doesn't help one bit. Even the occasional sleepless night is really not fun and if you suffer from insomnia it can become a serious problem for your health. However, there's a popular product buzzing around social media from the ever-wonderful Lush that is supposed to cure all the sleepness nights, it's called the Sleepy lotion. Watch our video to learn more. 

The Details

So, what's it all about? The Sleepy lotion is a cocoa butter and oatmeal based body lotion that's infused with lavender oil, tonka absolute, and ylang ylang oil. It certainly sounds dreamy and Lush claims you'll 'sleep well' after applying it. And judging by the reviews by people on social media, you really will!

One satisfied customer said the lotion 'smells like happiness' whilst another loves its 'satisfying thickness' as well as the long-lasting scent. People have even claimed it has truly helped them to deal with chronic conditions, insomnia, and anxiety due to its richness in lavender, full of calming properties. Sleepy was once only available as a limited edition product but it's now it's part of Lush's permanent range with a Sleepy shower gel also available! You can get a 95g pot of lotion for £8.75 or a 215g pot for £15.95. 

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What's more, Lush continues to never test any of its products on animals, the Sleepy lotion is totally vegan and uses fair trade cocoa butter so you can sleep easy knowing you've been a totally ethical shopper. What's not to love?

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